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Monokot is a fire-retardant heat-insulating coating produced on the basis of granulated mineral fiber and non-organic binding material. It is designed to increase the fire resistance (up to 4 hours) of supporting enclosing concrete and reinforced concrete structures.The material is produced under Grace licensure agreement in Russia.


for fire protection of supporting and enclosing reinforced concrete structures

Description and application:

The fire-retardant coating Monokot is designed to increase the fire resistance (up to 4 hours) of supporting enclosing concrete and reinforced concrete structures. It is a one-component coating based on specific additives and cementing material. Prior to application the product is mixed with water. The coating cannot change the exterior, will not crack andpeel off from the surface protected. It willendure smalldeformations,impactsand other dynamic loads. The coating does not contain asbestos and other ingredients harmful forhumans and environment




Fire rate

Up to 4 hours

Theoretical consumption for the layer of 10 mm

4,5 kg/m2

(acc. to certificate 2,3)

Dry density in accordance with GOST 5802-86


Adhesion to the treated surface without a reinforcement grid

0,15 MPa



Temperature range under normal operation conditions (0)


Smoke formation

No smoke formed

Heat conductivity in accordance with GOST 7076-87

0,20 /m at 20 0

Shelf life

12 months

Service life

50 years


Surface treatment
Prior to application all dust, dirt and oit stains should be removed from thesurface of the structure protected.

Application conditions
The mortar can be applied within the air temperature rage of +5+40 0. The temperature of the concrete surface should be not less than 2 0 higher than dew point.

Application method
The coating should be applied with a plastering machine (Putzmeister, «ISO-P5», -150, -103, MIC 800).The thickness of each pass should be 12-15 mm. If the surface has been reinforced, the thickness should not exceed 25-30 mm. The interlayer drying period is 15-20 minutes.

Safety precautions

The applicators should wear the following personal protection clothing: dusk mask, cotton overalls, rubber or cotton gloves. The applicators should follow the technological instructions.

The material should be storedin the manufacturer's packing in a dry room. Shelf lifeis 12months from the production date.

Cleaning of tools
The tools should be washed with water after application.
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