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Gas fire extinguisher KL-200

An automatic unit for fire extinguishing KL-200 with a gas composition called khladon (halocarbon) 227 EA was developed as a result of a serious research work. The advantages of this system are effective extinguishing, no residium,safety for personneland small size. There are two variants of fire extinguishing systems with GOSkhladon 227 :system KL-200with pressure25and42 bars.

When there is a fire detected bythe automatic sensoror there are alarm signalssent by a manual detector, the centralfire alarm panelactivates fire alarm devices. After the set period of timethe electric activatoropenscylinderwith GOS,andkhladon 227 is directedinto the room protected.


Gaseous fire-extinguishing substance (GFES)

Khladon227EAorgas FM-200.

GFES pressure

25or 42 bars
GFES discharge time no more than 10 seconds
Containers for GFES

Wide range ofcontainersforGFESwith weight of 4,5kgupto272 kg.

Continuous pressure control in the cylinder. When the pressure drops there is an automatic alarm signalsent to the central fire alarm panel.

Advantages of "KL-200" -maximum protection of property;

-no freezing of pipelines;

-can be used in rooms with personnel;

-small volumes of extinguishing media;

-minimum area occupied;

-suitable for protection ofsensitive andvaluable equipment;

-easily reequipped;

-suitable for rooms containingtelecommunication equipmentand electronic data processing equipment.

Area of application

-rooms containing electronic data processing equipment;

-rooms containingtelecommunication equipment;


-control panels;

-switch rooms;



-art galleries;

-rooms containing medical equipment.

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