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Automatic gas and aerosol fire-extinguishing device.

Fire-extinguishing aerosol genratorsare designed forvolume extinguishing of fires classified as 2,  and forprevention offormation (Phlegmatization) of explosive environmentsin rooms classified as A, B, C, D,andEwith the help of aerosol-basedfire-extinguishingagents.

Aerosol-basedfire-extinguishingagents have the best fire-extinguishing properties among allvolume extinguishingagents (5-10times more effective thankhladons, carbon dioxide powder, etc.), they are low-toxic, do not have ozone-depleting effect and are the bestalternative to ecologically harmfullkhladons.

The generators differ from other aerosol generatorsdue toits ability toproducecooled aerosoland useit for protectionof explosive-riskareas. They are also able toextinguish fires of smoldering materials such aswood, paper, textile,all kinds of polymer, etc.

The fire-extinguishing aerosol generator is activated by electric impulse sent to the initiator.The initiator ignitesaerosol-forming copound. The producedfire-extinguishing aerosol goes through the labyrinth, then it is cooledto the set temperatureand then fills the volume of the room protected.

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