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"Zashchita AK"

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IndependentFire-Extinguishing System "Zashchita AK"

It is designed to detectand extinguishfiresin container-type premises (building baracks)at the early fire stage. The devicestarts extinguishing fire when the temperature is 75° indoor.

Zashchita-AKwill protect the building barrack,stop fire spread onto other baracks, minimize material losses incurred by fire.

"Zashchita AK"Technical Specifications

1. Area protected, m2 -30
2. Weight of the charge of the dry chemical,kg - 7,0 ± 0,5
3.Response time, seconds,no more than- 5,0
4.Response temperature, °- 75
5. Shelf time, years,no less than- 10
6. OPerational temperature - -50° +50°
7.Dimensions of the module, mm (diameter /height) - 350 250

The dry chemical is not harmful for humans. It is certified.After application the powder can be easily removedwith a broom,vaccum cleaneror water.

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