Fire hoses

Fire Hoses


 Fire Hose with two-side polymeric coating ARMTEKS

ARMTEKS is a hose with two-side polymeric coating. Due to this coating ARMTEKS hoses are durable, abbrasion-proof and  resistant to short thermal exposure. These hoses reserve marketable appearance for long time. Their operating life is no less than 10 years. The hose has diameters of 19 up to  77 mm.

Fire Hose with inner water-proof chamber "GETEKS"


     GETEKS is a hose with inner water-proof chamber. Hoses produced on GETEKS technology are the most perspective for use by fire services. The hose has diameters of 19 up to 150 mm. These hoses has a layer of high-quality water-proof material. It ensures smooth water-repellent surface inside the hose. GETEKS hose is weather-proof. GETEKS hose is unequalled leader in the world among other types of fire hoses.


Fire Hose with inner water-proof chamber "SIBTEKS"


     Fire hoses produced on the basis of "SIBTEKS" technology are designed for furnishing of outer and inner fire cocks and motorized portable fire pump to supply water, water solutions of foam generators and other fire fighting agents at a distance under pressure. The hose has a diameter of 51 mm and 66 mm. This hose has a layer of high-quality water-proof material.  It ensures smooth water-repellent surface inside the hose. SIBTEKS hose is weather-proof.


Latex Fire Hose


   Latex hoses with inner water-proof layer made of natural latex are used for equipping of  portable fire machines. Work pressure is up to 1,6 MPa.


Sucktion Fire Hose 


Sucktion hoses are flexible pipes (rubber-fabric pipes fitted with metal spirals) and are designed for sucktion of water from different water sources by means of pumps of fire machines, motor pumps and other pumps.