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Fire Extinguisher KK-2

   -2 (-1(3)-2, -02-).

Portable Powder Extinguisher KK-2 (OP-1(3)-2V, S-02-U).

It is designedfor extinguishing offire seats of, Ѡand class, i.e. thosethat canoccurein flats, cottages, offices,vehicles, etc.

Technical Properties:

Weight of the Extinguisher charged

(1,04+/-0,05) kg

Capacity of the container with powder

(1+/-0,1) l

Charge weight

(0,69+/-0,03) kg

Duration of the powder feed

(10+/-2) s

Activation time

not more than 2 s

Effective length of the spray

(1,5+/-0,5) m



(73,7+/-0,5) mm


(252,7+/-0,5) mm

Force for activation

no more than 10

Falt-safe operation possibility

no less than 0,95

Working pressure in the powder container

0,78 MPa

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