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Production of Fire Protection Euipment

All products supplied by NPO "DOM-01" are manufactured at RUBIN Plant located in Aleksin (Tula Region). 

Initially the plant manufactured fire-resistant doors and gates. Currently our production facilities enable manufacturing of not only doors and gates but fire-resistant glazed partitions, fire resistant sleeves, fire cabinets and other fire protection equipment as well.


In 2007 the equipment installed in shop producing fire-resistant and metal doors was updated. Installation of state-of-the-art pressing and welding equipment (manufactured by Warcom and Cemsa) resulted in considerable improvement of quality and volumes of products manufactured.

Computer-assisted processing of orders and issue of design documentation lead to minimization of the time period between application receit and production start.

For convenience of our Customers the ready products can be shipped both from our Moscow warehouse and directly from the plant.


We are constantly improving our Quality Management System which corresponds to International Standards of ISO 9001:2000 providing for high quality of products and services.

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