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“Antipanic” system

The device provides guaranteed door opening in emergency cases. The system is usually installed on the evacuation routs with high passage capacity.

The system ensures releasing the locked door and its opening in the evacuation direction.

A handle used in the system could be of a conventional press type as well as a bar made for the whole width of the door.

Systems of leading manufacturers like DORMA, NEMEF, SAVIO are used in the sets.

Door closers

Closers’ functions: guaranteed closing of the fire resistant doors; doors’ protection from impact loads; control of closing effort; angle of fixing and closing speed.  Latest models provide keeping the door opened and releasing if after receiving a signal from a central control board or from control censor.

Double doors could be equipped with a coordinator providing consecutive closing of door leaves.

Door closers with pivot rod or sliding bar could be installed on metal fire doors. 

The closers of the latest type are hidden ones, they are built inside door leaf and frame and work like conventional closers being invisible from both sides of the door.

Door holders

Holding elements fix a door in open position; they could be designed for floor or wall mounting.

Depending on principles of operation the holders could be of mechanical, magnetic and electromagnetic types.

Fire resistant doors must be equipped with electromagnetic holders; connected to central control system of fire equipment of the object the holders could be released from the operator’s console. The closer will instantly shut the door. Door could be unblocked manually as well as from the heat or smoke sensors.


The doors produced by “DOM-01” could be equipped with any type of locking device conforming to fire resistance requirements. Locks by such internationally recognized producers like “Abloy”, “Kale”, “Cisa”, “Dorma” are not only allow meeting any customer’s requirements with respect to type and color, but have also proved their reliability in fire doors of different designs.

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