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Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains

In 2007 Krilak Association and Coopers Fire (England) made an agreement providing our company with exclusive distribution rights for supply of fire and smoke curtains produced by Coopers.

Fire and smoke curtains can be installed both into widows and openings of up to 5 m height and up to 40 m width. The width depends on the quantity of the rollers with motors. The curtains are installed overlapping each other and are connected with the help of conjoined elements.

A curtain consists of the following elements: galvanized steel head-box containing the roller, the motor, the fabric, the bottom bar, side guides and control equipment.

The curtain is driven up and down by one or several electric motors of Coopers R6G type.
The curtain fabric is made of glass fiber reinforced with stainless steel grid and coated with heat-reflective coating.
The lower edge of the fabric is fitted with a bottom bar providing horizontal stiffness between the side guides and keeping the curtain vertically during deployment and rolling-up.

The control equipment consists of power unit, zone control unit, and motor control circuit. This equipment connects the curtain to the fire alarm system and actuates it when there is a signal from the file alarm.
The zone control unit provides visual indication of emergency status and local check of the curtain independent of the fire alarm system.

The input voltage is 220 V, the output voltage is 24 V DC.
The curtain can be controlled automatically or manually.
Currently we can offer fire curtains of not less than E60 fire rate.
Our company and Coopers Fire are enlarging the range of the products and soon we will be able to offer not only fire curtains of various fire rates but also smoke curtains corresponding with all fire safety requirements.

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