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Steel fire protection doors

The doors are designed for filling openings in fire barriers. Available with left or right opening,  single or folded. Fire-proof properties conform to SNiP 2.01.02-85* "Fire norms" and SNiP 21-01-97 "Fire safety of buildings and constructions".

Basic model:

Leaf: made of a steel sheet of 1.2 mm thickness, total thickness is 57 mm.

Filling: mineral wool plate, fire-proof composition.

Two hinges on bearings.

Detachment preventive girth rail.

Finish: polyurethane paints of RAL9002 colors.

Frame (with a platband):

Bended steel sheet of 1.2 mm thickness; total thickness is 102 mm.

No edge; mounting holes and anchoring loops are provided.

Heat expanding sealing protecting from hot smoke; sealing protecting from cold smoke.

Set of mounting anchors.

Finish: polyurethane paints of RAL9002 colors.

Lock and handle:

Mortise lock with a nab. Press handle on a plate (black color). Set of keys with euro-cylinder.

Optional features:

  • Corrosion protection: fame and leaf made of galvanized steel or coated with “liquid zinc”.
  • Frame: without a platband, with reverse platband, covering frame.
  • Edge: high edge (35 mm), stripe edge, automatic pullout edge.
  • Tree or more hinges on bearings.
  • Door closer.
  • Lock with an “anti-panic” function.
  • Lock with three-points locking-up.
  • Bracket-type handle.
  • Electric lock.
  • Electromagnetic device for keeping the door open.
  • Impingement plate of galvanized or stainless steel on the bottom part of the leaf.
  • Automatic device for door closing/ opening.
  • “Master-key” system.
  • Finish: any color from the RAL catalogue; two colors (frame and leaf), three colors (two-colored leaf).
  • Decorative coating with veneer sheet, fiberboard or plastic.
  • Accessories of chrome-plated or stainless steel.
  • Preparation of the door for installation of access control systems.
  • Spark-proof execution (EI-60).
  • Glazing (up to 25% of the total surface), including illuminator (EI-60).
  • Doors’ size according to Customers’ requirements.
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