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Fire resistant windows and glazed partitions

Using of glazed partitions visually enlargesa room space. Modular principle allows toconform with anyrequirements of the Customers and to shorten delivery time. "Forster" steel profile (Switzerland) allowsproducing glazed unitsforinternal and external application.

Basic model:

Framework: made of Forster steel profile; total thickness is 50 mm.

Filling: mineral wool plate.

Mounting holes for anchoring are provided.

Heat expandingsealing protecting from hot smoke.

Set of mounting anchors.

Finish: polyurethane paints of RAL9002 colors.

Modular sections of any size could be inter-connected by means of bolted joints.


multi-layer fire-retardant glass with helium filling.

Optional features:

  • Corrosion protection: frame made of galvanized steel profile or coated with “liquid zinc”.
  • Smoke- and gas-proof execution.
  • Frame without a platband.
  • Finish: any color from the RAL catalogue; two colors (frame and leaf).
  • Partitions: with built-in single or folding glazed doors.
  • Windows: available in external (warmed) and internal execution.
  • Fire resistance ratings of the windows are EI-30 and EI-60.
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