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The Holding incorporates a group of companies of a scientific, industrial and trading profile and works on the Russian market since its establishment in 1991

NPO "Association KrilaK" possesses all necessary scientific and technical base for complex maintenance of fire safety

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We offer

Fire-proofing products

Fire retardant compositions, fire retardant paints and other products

Fire doors and fire resistant partitions

Research-and-production company, a division of “Krilak Association” specializes in development, design and installation of fire barriers and fire protective appliances.

Automatic fire extinguishing systems

Automatic Fire Extinguishing systems, Fire protective equipment

The fire-prevention equipment

Fire gauges, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants PC, fire escapes.

The fire equipment

Fire extinguishers powder, fire extinguishers углекислотные, fire extinguishers air-foamy, fire cases, fire hoses, fire hydrants, equipment of firemen, the fire water foamy equipment, fire signs.

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