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Fire Detector

Fire Detector 212-51

      " 212-51 (-9)"

      " 212-51 (-9)".         .

Optical and electronic fire and smokeself-contained detectorof " 212-51 (-9)" type.It is designed for timely fire alarming.

Main properties of the detector:

  • Area covered is up to 30 m2;
  • Super loudalarm signal -up to100 dB;
  • Autonomous operation;
  • Improved design;
  • Easy to install -on the ceiling or wall;
  • Main feature: it isequipped with steal block.

Technical specifications

Type Optical and electronic fire and smokeself-contained detector
Field of application and properties

It is designedfor timely fire alarmbydetecting minimum smoke.

It is used forprotection of living houses, flats, public buildings, retail outlets.

The product is certifiedunder thefire safety system and GOST R.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions,mm 13013040
Weight, g 200
Sensitivity level, dB 0,05 0,2
Activation timeas the air density increases, s, no more than 3
Currentin stand-by mode, mA, no more than 25
Background lighting, lx, no less than 12000
Nominal voltage, V 9
Mean trouble-free life, hours, no less than 60 000

Application Instructions


By meand of holding thetest button pressed for 5 seconds to activate the alarm signal. Besides, the product can be tested by means ofaerosol manufactured byNPO "Krilak Association".

Periodic flashesonce a minuteshow that the detector is working properly.

When the accumulator is low there are short audio signals.

Maintenance Dust removal by means ofa special aerosolmanufactured byNPO "Krilak Association".

      " 212-51 (-9)".         .

Delivery set:

Basic assembly- 1 pc.

Fastening ring- 1 pc.

Antisteal block- 1 pc.

Anchor - 2 pc.

Screw - 2 pc.

Accumulator - 1 pc.

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