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Automatic Fire Extinguishing systems, Fire protective equipment

Zashchita AK

Autonomous system of automatic fire extinguishing “Zashchita AK” is intended for automatic fire detection and liquidation in the spaces of container type at early stages.

Fire extinguishing starts when a temperature in a cabin reaches 75-102°С.

Usage of the systems allows protecting the cabin, preventing from spreading a fire to other cabins of construction site, minimizing losses and damages from fire.

Zashchita ST

Automatic gas fire extinguishing system – is an optimal solution for protecting computer servers, telecommunication devices as well as electronic and electric cabinets.

Gas fire extinguisher KL-200

An automatic unit for fire extinguishing with a gas composition called khladon 227 EA was developed as a result of a serious research work.


Fire alarm system provides early detection of fire or thermal overload; it is suitable for application in restricted or explosive spaces, aggressive environment. The system consists of a sensory cable and an alarming block.

Automatic gas and aerosol fire-extinguishing device

Fire-extinguishing aerosol generator is designed for fire protection of administractive, residential, warehouse, and production facilities, exhibition halls, musiums, power plants, cable tunnels, hangars, garages, sea and river vessels, etc.

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