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Mounting of fire and safety equipment

Association Krilak offers the following services:

- designing;

- assessment and analysis;

-installation of fire alarm systems;

- fire protection of buildings and structures;

"NPO Krilak Spetstekhnika"makes installationof anyfire protection systems.

"NPO Krilak Spetstekhnika"joint Holding «Association Krilak»in 2002. The main activities of NPO Krilak Spetstekhnika includerealization of big projectsin the sphere ofcomplex safety systems at different objects.

The companyfocuses on development, designing, manufacture, supply,installationand maintenance ofautomatic fire systems.

NPO "Krilak Spetstekhnika"works with the following systems:

-automatic fire,burglarand fire-burglaralarm;

- automatic fire-extinguishing systemsof automatic fire alarm(gas, water, powder, foam, aerosol, water mist);

- automatic smoke protection systems;

- automatic alarm and evacuation control systems;

Apart from fire protection the companyprovides also the following systems:

- video surveillance;

- access control;

- perimeter defense;

- communication and telephony.

NPO "Krilak Spetstekhnika"fulfilsmaintenance of the above systems
Currently NPO Krilak Spetstekhnika develops and manufacturesfire technical and fire rescueproducts together with company Kidde Safety Products,as well as producesautomatic fire-fighting units.

The company has gained a great experience working at different job-sitesin Russia and CIS countries. It participates in joint projects together withthe leading corporationsand companies both Russian and foreign ones.
Up-to-date burglar and fire safety alarm systems

Burglar and fire safety alarm system isa complicated set of technical means ensuring earlydetection and unauthorizedpenetration into a protected area, and making of control signals. As a rule, burglar and fire safety alarm isintegrated into a complexcombiningsafety systems and engineering systems,providing reliable addressing information for alarm systems, fire fighting units, smoke extraction,access control systems, etc.

Fire Alarm Systems

The main purpose of the alarm systems iswarning ofoccupantsaboutthe fireor any other amergencyas well as evacuation control. These systems are installedin buildings and structuresof different purpose(offices, production facilities, hospitals, child care, public buildings).

In shopping malls andofficesthe fire alarm system can produce a cozy atmosphere bytransmittingsome pleasant background musicoradvertisments or service messages. If an alarmsignal is sent by the alarm system, general transmission is interrupted,and the fire alarm systemstarts sending an emergency messagedownloaded into the memoryor read by the dispatcher.This arrangement of priorities is a compulsory requirementfor fire alarm systems.

Integration of burglar and firealarm withintegrated security systems of the bulding

During installation of the burglar and fire alarm it is integrated with othersecurity systemsand life-support systems of the building.It is required forearly response to the fire alarm signalsent byburglar and fire alarm sensors,and for provision ofoptimal conditions forthe accident elimination. For example,in response to the fire signal generated by the burglar and fire alarm system, the following measures will be taken in the emergency area:

·Ventilation shutdown

Smoke extractionswitch-on

Power supply shutdown(except for special equipment)

Withdrawal of elevators from the emergency area

Put-on of the emergency lightsandindicatorsof routes and exits for evacuation of occupants

Unblocking of emergency exits

Switch-on of the notification system sending messagesto the emergency area

Analog and digital surveillance systems.

Video surveillance systems are designed forvideo control of protected areas.

Recentlyvideo surveillance has becomean integral part ofthe integrated security system, because up-to-datesurveillance systems allownot only to watch and record but alsoto programthe response of the wholesecurity systemin case of any emergencies. Functions,features andpackage of thevideo surveillance systemdepend onthe requirementsstated bythe customer.

Depending on the type of the equipment video surveillance systems can beanalog and digital.Analogsystems are used whenvideo surveillance is required fora few rooms, in whichcasethe video infromation is recorded on a videotape recorder. To protectspecial and geographically distributedsitesdigital systems are used;these systemsas a ruleare integratedinto complexsecurity systems.Such systemstrace,recordand analyseinformation from video-cameras, access control readers,burglar and fire sensors,and "take decisions"to protectthe areaoff-line orin accordance with the operator's instructions.

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