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Fire Hoses

Fire Hose withtwo-sidepolymeric coatingARMTEKS

ARMTEKS isa hose with two-side polymeric coating.Due to this coatingARMTEKS hoses are durable,abbrasion-proof and resistant to short thermal exposure. These hoses reserve marketable appearance for long time.Their operating life is no less than 10 years.The hose has diameters of 19up to 77 mm.

Fire Hose with inner water-proof chamber "GETEKS"

GETEKS isa hose with innerwater-proof chamber. Hoses produced on GETEKS technology are the most perspective for useby fire services.The hosehas diameters of19up to150 mm. These hoseshas a layerofhigh-qualitywater-proof material.Itensuressmooth water-repellentsurface inside the hose. GETEKS hoseis weather-proof.GETEKS hose isunequalled leader in the worldamong other types of fire hoses.

Fire Hose with inner water-proof chamber "SIBTEKS"

Fire hoses produced on the basis of"SIBTEKS" technologyare designed for furnishing of outer and innerfire cocksand motorized portable fire pumpto supply water,water solutions offoam generatorsand otherfire fighting agentsat a distance under pressure. The hose has a diameter of 51mmand 66 mm. This hosehas a layerofhigh-qualitywater-proof material. Itensuressmooth water-repellentsurface inside the hose. SIBTEKS hoseis weather-proof.

Latex Fire Hose

Latex hoses withinnerwater-proof layermade of natural latex are usedfor equippingofportable fire machines.Work pressure is up to1,6 MPa.

Sucktion Fire Hose

Sucktion hoses are flexible pipes (rubber-fabric pipes fitted with metal spirals)and are designed forsucktion of waterfrom differentwater sourcesby means of pumps of fire machines,motor pumps and other pumps.

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