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Fire-retardant coatings, impregnating compounds and paintwork materials: development, production and supply.

Wide range of compounds for passive fire- and corrosion protection for any types of building structures and materials is available.

Fire-retardant coatings, impregnating compounds and paintwork materials: development, production and supply

· Fire-fighting equipment and means of individual protection, fire training systems, fire alarm systems: products in broad assortment are available for supply

ASSOCIATION KRILAK is ready to deliver any kind of fire fighting equipment – from fire extinguishers, fire hoses and hydrants to automatic fire extinction systems and fire engines of special purpose enabling its customers to meet all the rules and standards of fire protection.

· Units for filling openings in fire barriers: design, production and installation.

Safe solutions for openings of all types and sizes are provided.

· Fire protection equipment: design, production, installation, setting up and maintenance of:

- automatic fire extinction systems (water, gas, foam and powder);

- automatic fire alarm systems;

- video-monitoring& access control systems.

Fire protection equipment

· Fire protection of building structures and engineering services on objects of all levels of complexity.

· Cleaning of air ducts, kitchen exhaust systems, trash chutes, smoke ducts and char grills; dust removing from ventilation ducts at industrial premises, office buildings and living quarters as well as at special objects.

There’re special programs of service maintenance of sprinkler systems for fire extinguishing, of smell elimination (incl. that after a fire) and graffiti removal have been developed by ASSOCIATION KRILAK.

· Up-to-date irrigation (watering) systems for parks, public and private gardens, sport complexes: design and assembly.

· Project documentation: development and scientific evaluation.

Experience in working out of performance specifications for complex, experimental and unique buildings, scientific and technical consulting of design and project organizations.

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