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Scientific Production Association “KrilaK” (NPO “Association KrilaK”) was established on September 2, 1991 by the specialists of Kucherenko Central Scientific Research Institute of Building Structures (Kucherenko TSNIISK).
The combination of science and practice in the field of fire safety has become the basis for creation of NPO “KrilaK”. Since then continuous development and improvement of technologies and means of integrated security as well as their practical implementation in modern construction have become the philosophy of our company.

NPO “Association KrilaK” has been building and developing its key activities in compliance with the basic principals such as safety, reliability and quality.

Having started its activities from minor production volumes of fire-proof paints and rendering fire fighting services, the company has become in time a recognized leader in this field. The continuous development and improvement of technologies and means of integrated security has become one of its important directions of activity. Over the years, the laboratories and design departments of the company have been carrying out a large volume of research and development works.
In the course of research and development works lots of theoretical and experimental research is being carried out at its own base. A wide range of fire-retardant materials and fire equipment providing integrated security and fire safety for the construction industry is being developed and successfully introduced into production.

NPO “Association KrilaK” has its own Scientific and technical center which has developed and is actively implementing a qualitatively new system for ensuring the safety of capital construction projects which is based on innovative technologies and an individual approach to solving engineering problems. All the developed samples of materials, products and equipment are tested in a Test Center of the Company with the use of a special equipment and registration of all necessary documents.
The production capacity of partners of “Association KrilaK” allows produce annually more than 10 thousand tons of more than 30 positions of flame retardants as well as a wide range of fire equipment, including fire barriers.

Within the course of years the company has significantly increased its capability to provide the facilities with all necessary fire-fighting equipment, fire-retardant products, security and fire alarm systems and fire extinguishing systems, fire vehicles, fire extinguishing means, fire barriers and other necessary means of protection in full compliance with the requirements of the rules and regulations of fire safety.
The geography of the company's activities extends from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok and from Murmansk to Tashkent. Representative offices of the company are working successfully in such towns and cities as Saint Petersburg, Volgodonsk, Kaliningrad, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi, Saransk, Izhevsk, Bryansk, Tula as well as in the near abroad countries such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Belarus. The specialists of the company are working fruitfully in professional unions and associations in order to improve legislation in the field of technical regulation, pricing, modernization of machinery and equipment as well as introduction of innovative technologies into production of building materials and implementation of large projects.
Great attention is paid to the development of international relations through participation in associations and committees for prevention and suppression of fires and fire protection.
The company is a partner of well-known international companies and represents their interests in the Russian market.

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